How to Create Yahoo Email Account

06 Jul

Emails are the most important platform for communication and Yahoo Inc. is the industry-leading email service provider. It’s very easy to use the platform and loaded with a unique range of features. The 1 TB storage ability allows you to save millions of emails with heavy attachment files.

One Yahoo account lets you unlock several other facilities such as Yahoo news, flicker and more. Also apart from emailing you can use your account for the calendar, chat, notes and much more. Therefore,having a Yahoo email account is a grab for both personal and professional use.

You can attach your Yahoo email with other email service providers such as Gmail and Outlook and set auto-replies when you are not free to use your account. Also, you can contact Yahoo phone number if you come across any error.

Steps 1:

  • Open your favorite web browser and go to
  • Go to Mail option on the left-top corner of the screen.
  • Click on the “Sign in” and then “Create account” or “Sign Up”.
  • Fill the required information:
  1. Your First and last name.
  2. Choose the username, try to use the unique name or you can go with the suggested username. Your email id will be 
  3. Let Yahoo verify your username that it’s not being used already.
  4. You can use your own email address as username.
  5. Set the password for your email account.
  6. Fill your mobile number, date of birth and Gender.
  7. Verify your mobile number with the verification code you receive
  8. Click on let’s get started and your new account is all set to use.

Setup your yahoo mail account:

Open your newly created Yahoo email account, and on the top right corner of the browser, click Mail icon. Log in with your Yahoo mail credentials and the Mail screen will be open in the front of you. Now click on Compose to get connect with your contacts with your first email.

How to Access Yahoo email on Mobile:

To use the Yahoo email account on your mobile device, you need to configure the settings. Open the settings on your mobile device, and select Yahoo in the pre-configured email account. You have to be familiar with the settings required for sending or receiving your email address. Set the IMAP, POP and STMP settings.

  • IMAP settings are required when you delete an email from your device and the email server. 
  • POP settings enable you to download Yahoo email, but whenever you make changes on those emails it won’t be reflected on online account,
  • SMT settings let you send the email from your email account.

Contact at Yahoo help center and get the instant support if you are not able to configure or setup your Yahoo email account. The toll-free numbers will connect you with experts and find the correct solution and guidance for your concern.

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